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Set of honey in assortment 3 jars x 50 g

Set of honey in assortment 3 jars x 50 g

This set will give you the opportunity to try 3 types of honey that are part of the „Imperiul Apis” (Apis Empire) collection of today and to choose the ones you want most, depending on your personal taste and unique honey properties.
It also makes a great gift for the upcoming holidays.

The set contains:

Our special Polyfloral honey, awarded with Silver medal in The Quality compartment of London Honey Awards 2020. Polyfloral honey results from the nectar of the flowers of many plants and is more aromatic and richer in minerals than other varieties of honey, which is why it is considered a "complete" honey.

You can choose the other two types of honey:

Jar of 50 grams of acacia honey, which is the finest honey in taste and aroma, has a color with shades from transparent to light yellow and has a good calming effect on the nervous system and cough.

Linden honey which delights us with a deep taste, intense color and good therapeutic qualities on the respiratory system.
Sage honey with its delicate aroma, intense sweet-bitter taste and benefits for the cardiovascular and endocrine system.
At last but not least, Sunflower honey, shining with bright yellow color, helpful for sore throat, fever, hypo or hypertension and deficient memory.

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