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Acacia honey

Acacia honey

Source: honey produced by honeybees from the nectar of acacia flowers, Robinia pseudacacia.
Color: shades from colorless to straw yellow or light yellow.
Aroma: soft, fine.
Therapeutic effects of acacia honey.
It is a good cough reliever; it is also an antiseptic and is often used to treat neuroses. Acacia honey is recommended for treating insomnia and calming the nervous system.
Useful information.

•  Acacia honey has a specific, fine smell. The pronounced smell of acacia is a sign of counterfeiting honey by introducing an infusion of acacia flowers.
• Acacia honey is an excellent tonic for children, convalescents, for strengthening the immune system and for pregnant women.
• This type of honey has higher fructose content than other types of honey (41.7%), so it is kept in liquid form for the longest time.

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