About us

   The company “Vastdial & Co” S.R.L. has been founded in 2004, at the initiative of       experienced, passionated and devoted beekeepers. The main activity is beekeeping and processing apiculture products.

   The created company has the following purposes;
   a)      processing, bottling and marketing honey;
   b)      processing and marketing other apiculture products;
   c)      manufacturing and marketing the goods, which contain apiculture products              (food, drinks, cosmetics, medicines).
    The company has Danish high performance technological equipment for processing and bottling honey, as well as spaces for processing wax and propolis. At the same time the company has territory for constructing new buildings in order to manufacture other types of goods which will contain apiculture products.
     The desire to produce high-quality consumer goods the company has motivated to organize an effective system of management and so it is certificated in the International Standards of Quality Management System: ISO 9001:2000 and Food Safety Management System: ISO 22000:2005 , that guarantee high-quality products at all stages of manufacturing.
      The products of the company are sold under the brand-name “Imperiul Apis”.
All the products are natural, fresh and healthy according to national and international standards of quality, being examined by the accredited laboratories from our country and abroad.
      S.C. “Vastdial & CO” S.R.L. has rooms in which is designed its own laboratory.
The raw material used in our activity is bought from the local beekeepers under an agreement of cooperation which requires a thorough inspection of the quality of harvested apiculture products.
       Taking in consideration the set goals, we are looking for:
       a)      buyers of honey, packed in glass jars;
       b)      technologies for gathering and processing apiculture products;
       c)     exchange of experience in beekeeping and processing of the apiculture products;
    d) partners and investors ready to come up with technologies, equipment for processing the products, financial resources, that will contribute to reaching the aims of our company and as a result to the beekeeping development of Republic of Moldova.   

Lucrari luna curenta

  • continuarea lucrărilor de îndreptare a situaţiilor anormale constatate la familiile de albine din stupină;
  • transvazarea familiilor de albine în stupi curaţi şi dezinfectaţi;
  • lărgirea periodică a cuiburilor cu faguri clădiţi şi apoi cu faguri artificiali (mai ales în timpul înfloririi pomilor fructiferi); 
  • instalarea colectoarelor pentru recoltarea propolisului;
  • verificarea sanitară a cuiburilor tuturor familiilor de albine;
  • continuarea reformării fagurilor necorespunzători;
  • preântâmpinarea furtişagului;
  • tratarea fagurilor de la rezerva stupinei împotriva gaselniţei si conditionarea cerii de faguri reformaţi;
  • transportul familiilor de albine la polenizarea pomilor fructiferi;
  • efectuarea examenului general clinic al familiilor de albine si aplicarea tratamentelor pentru varrooza si loca europeană.